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On Eve Of Presidential Race, Medvedev Champions Rearmament

September 28, 2011

Every branch of Russia’s armed forces is undergoing an incredible transformation. Having stated the obvious, might as well can the political correctness and acknowledge Vladimir Putin’s leadership for the next 15 years (at least?), guaranteeing the federation’s rearmament—no use calling it by any other name—continues as planned.

It’s a geopolitical necessity, a strategic necessity; a lot of necessities. Fact of the matter is, barring a revolution or a sudden economic collapse, Russia is on its way to becoming a world power again.

Meanwhile, as a new presidential race draws near incumbent Dmitri Medvedev is going through the motions of steering the ship. This involves justifying an enormous spending program that officially started in the opening months of 2011. During a press conference yesterday at a recent military exercise Medvedev stressed that it’s imperative Russia acquire lots of weapons, especially high tech drones, new comms, and electronics.

Sparing a direct quote, the not-so-subtle gist of Medvedev’s message was future Russia needs the firepower—it cannot do without it.

To achieve this goal, Moscow is pursuing radical changes. Right off the bat there’s the four Mistral helicopter carriers it’s buying from France. Even more surprising is the military’s shift from a largely conscript to a 100% volunteer-professional force, marking the end of a practice that’s been in place since the Czarist era.

If all goes according to plan, by 2020 Russia’s armed forces are going to be slimmer, deadlier, and a force to be reckoned with in Eurasia.

It seems like the old adage rings true: Russia’s only allies are her army and navy (and air force)…and nuclear weapons.