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German Defense Firm Offers High Tech Artillery To Israel

August 17, 2011
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German KMW Donar 155mm

155mm Donar

In what might soon be considered a historic move, Krauss-Mafei Weggman (KMW) has thrown down the gauntlet with an attempted artillery sale to Israel. Though the exact weapon system is not specified, it’s likely that KMW is bent on selling a new type of cannon rather than a self propelled vehicle. KMW’s reputation in the defense community is legend with such export successes as the super-advanced PZH2000 under its belt. A few years ago it already unveiled a new tracked SP artillery system the DONAR (pictured above), which had a 155mm automated turret mounted on a flatbed chassis.

What makes the KMW offer rare is it will be competing with a well-established Israeli firm, Soltam Systems (now owned by Elbit Systems), whose truck mounted ATMOS is reportedly being sold to an undisclosed African country. If orders are forthcoming, the new cannon being marketed by KMW enters production in the United States. At present, Israel’s artillery forces are equipped with large numbers of the 155mm M109 that was used with devastating effect in Southern Lebanon during the 2006 war.

Israeli ATMOS sp truck

Like all great military powers, Israel prefers to stay ahead of the curve, thus the upcoming KMW deal is a positive indicator that it’s on track to overhaul its artillery corps in the next few years. This month the IDF’s general staff are expected to approve a new five year plan (titled Halamish) that could pave the way for KMW’s Israeli breakthrough and major acquisitions for different branches.

Via Israeli Defense

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