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New Submarines, New Artillery, New Missiles For Revitalized Russian War Machine

August 6, 2011

Russian Kilo class Submarine

As the previous month drew to a close, news of large equipment upgrades across multiple branches of Russia’s military were published. If observers and enthusiasts regarding all things Russian military would keep in mind the late 2010 program of total rearmament, then the sudden flood of new weapons system should come as no surprise.

On July 29 Admiral Vladimir Vysotski told RIA Novosti that a total of eight Project 885 Yasen submarine will enter service in the Russian Navy by decade’s end. Codenamed ‘Graney’ by NATO, the Project 885 Yasen is a late-Cold War designed nuclear attack submarine that was supposed to enter service in the mid-1990s. This never happened due to the state of Russia’s economy then.

The Yasen was resurrected in 2003 with additional funding and the first boat of its class sets sail this month. By the end of the year a second Project 885 Yasen class submarine follows and construction begins on another until the entire order is fulfilled.

Aside from the fearsome multirole Yasen, Admiral Vysotski also confirmed that six additional Project 677 Lada/Kilo class SSKs are to be built for use by the Black Fleet. Despite being more than 30 years old, the diesel-powered Kilo’s are among the most advanced in the Russian fleet, with a reputation for stealth and popularity among export customers. Operators of the Kilo-class include China, Vietnam, Iran, and perhaps Venezuela in the near future.

Russian Iskander missileThe day after Admiral Vystski outlined the plans for Russian submarine forces, another high ranking officer confirmed additional improvements for a different branch.

On Saturday, July 30, airborne forces commander Lt. General Nikolai Ignatov revealed:

We plan to launch large-scale production of these self-propelled artillery guns in 2013 and hope to get the first SP gun division the same year.

It remains unclear what type of artillery system he was referring to or whether it’s going to be a new weapon system.

The missile arm of the ground forces are getting a boost as well. According to General Dmitry Bolgakov no less than 120 Iskander surface-to-surface missiles are to complement army formations at the brigade level.

The Iskander (SS26 Stone) is a surface-to-surface ballistic missile for conventional targets whose best features are precision and mobility. The Iskander allegedly saw limited use during the short Georgia-Russia War, with successful results. Each missile is nuclear-capable with a range of 400 km; there are unverified claims that the Iskander system is ‘unmatched’ by NATO.

Via: RIA Novosti

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